Welcome to the Tour de Coop!


Tour de Coop

Welcome to this special tour of homes hosted by Sweet Olive Farm.

Chickens are one of our favorite animals and we have many at the farm. While most of our chickens free-range, we do have a small flock of four chickens that were donated to the farm with the request they be kept in a coop. We tried free-ranging them briefly and found that they were used to the coop and did better in the coop.

We'll introduce you to these chickens, and to many of the chickens on the farm. You'll also have the opportunity to visit seven other coops of friends of the farm. 

Chicken-keeping has become increasingly popular in Athens and across the country. It makes total sense to us, chickens are wonderful creatures. We want to help people know what chicken-keeping entails so that they are prepared for the responsibility and are able to provide safe homes for their chickens. We often receive donated animals because the reality of caring for that animal ends up being too much. 

Each of the tour stops gives some advice and insight into raising chickens. We hope you enjoy visiting all of these homes!


Coop 1: Brendel Coop

Coop 2: Kapousouz-Mattox Coop

Coop 3: Allen-Kidney Coop

Coop 1
Coop 2
Coop 3
Coop 4: Temple Coop Coop 5: 3 Porch Farm Coop: 6 Henry's Coop
Coop 4: Temple Coop
3 Porch Farm Coop
Coop 6: Henry's Coop
Coop 7: Brendel-Reed Coop Coop 8: Sweet Olive Farm Coop
Brendel-Reed Coop