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What’s in a name? Sweet Olive Farm is named for one of our many rescued dogs from over the last 10 years, and this dog’s name is Olive! She is not so sweet, but that is part of the fun! Our journey with animal rescue began with dogs.

We lived in the midtown Atlanta neighborhood of Ansley Park which was a great home for the dogs, but the neighbors weren’t too crazy about the ever increasing number of canines. An officer from Fulton County Animal Control came to grant us a special permit to house up to 10 dogs and before she left, Melissa, the officer, asked, “Don’t y’all want a pot bellied pig?” The rest is history!

We rented the property and house that is now Sweet Olive Farm in June of 2010.

Sweet Olive Farm Animal Rescue is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that serves as a sanctuary for a wide variety of animals! A magical farmhouse and a hundred year old barn amid rolling pastures set the scene for happily ever after for our peaceable kingdom.

from the shop…

  • Pastis the Mustang
    Pastis the Mustang
    Photography by Cassie Wright
  • Quixote the Rooster
    Quixote the Rooster
    Photography by Cassie Wright
  • Baabs the Sheep
    Baabs the Sheep


    Photography by Cassie Wright

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